Monday, December 8, 2008

JYC Dec 7th

December 7th Time to Get Organized
Organized, now that is a dream of mine. I would love to be organized period, but even more so during this highly busy time of life. Here is just a sample of my to do list
1. Decorate the tree
2. Put boxes away
3. Decorate the living room
4. Decorate the bathroom and bedrooms
5. Decorate the kitchen
6. Print off Christmas letter (Kurt writes this)
7. Get cards bought
8. Bake cookies
9. Buy presents
10. Wrap present (thankfully Kurt does most of this, I have to wrap his presents of course)
11. Make Grandpa’s calendar present
12. Make cookies for the Band Cookie Walk
13. Buy the pop and rolls for Kurt’s family Christmas
14. Make Herb Bubble Up buns for my family’s Christmas
15. Address and Mail Christmas Cards
Of course besides the to do list there is also the list of activites this month
1. 4-H Family potluck (first Sunday of December)
2. Whittier Christmas Program
3. Carousel Dance Recital
4. Sunday School Christmas Program Rehearsal
5. Sunday School programs x 2
6. Lyon’s Christmas Walk
We also used to have a Band Concert and Chorus Concert at Washington, but Sarah is now in high school, so won’t have that until Kristen is in Middle School, but then will lose the elementary program

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