Thursday, January 24, 2008

Today's mail

Several weeks ago I found the Fiskateer's website. This web site is sponsered by Fiskars and is uplifting and positive. If you post a picture of any form of paper crafts you get all kinds of positive comments or advice. The message board for this site is also so positive and uplifting. I challenge any one that is into paper crafts to check out the site and join. They also sponser wonderful online crops. Anyway today in the mail was a box from Fiskars. Inside was the most awesome pair of scissors. with my membership number engraved. They are orange and lime green and cut like butter. They even came in a very cool burlap bag. I think I am in love.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Week 2: Kindness

Here is my week 2 challenge layout. This weeks word was Kindness. I must say that I am really enjoying this challenge. I love the time I am spending each week researching the word and finding out what God wants me to know. If you are so inclined I would challenge you to check out Faith Sisters and the scripture challenge.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Week 1 Scripture Challenge Faith

The first weeks challenge was Faith. This was an interesting topic. I really enjoyed searching for scripture related to Faith. I am really surprised by how many references there were to Faith. I am really looking forward to having a small album done about just me.

Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year

Okay, I know this is kind of late, but for various reasons, I just haven't posted yet. I have decided that instead of making resolutions, I am going to make goals. So here is my list for 2008.
1. Make it to the Y at least 3 times a week to workout.
2. Complete the Scripture Challege Scrapbooking on time and not fall behind.
3. Start eating more fruits and vegetables.
4. Lose 5 pounds a month.
5. Finish Disney albums and get caught up on Sarah's albums.
6. Stay on top of cleaning the house. Of course for this one to work, I will need to enlist the help of the 3 other 2 legged walkers in the house, specifically the youngest two. The 4 legged family members aren't much help in this area, but they sure are cute.

Hopefully by putting this in print for others to see, I will work harder at making it happen.