Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

The girls are dressed and ready for church this morning. Today has been a very nice and relaxing day. Since we are basically ready for Christmas, we have been able to watch Christmas movies and relax for the day. Kristen (7) is having a hard time waiting for time to go to church tonight. She is all excited and hoping for an early visit from that jolly elf that we all know and love. In an effort to give the girls some time to enjoy their gifts after they were opened we started having Santa come on Christmas Eve while we are all at church. Kristen is hoping for the same experience this year. It was really great to do it this way the first year as Kristen wasn't expecting it and was totally shocked the first year. She was still surprised last year, but now is beginning to expect the tradition to continue. I have a feeling that we may not have to many more years before she discovers the truth.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

All I want for Christmas

When Sarah was in first grade she was missing 4 teeth at Christmas time. Kristen wanted to duplicate the feat. Her only problem is that the two bottom teeth didn't come out right away and the adult teeth were already coming in. She was able to get three teeth out in about a week and a half in November. The fourth tooth was loose and she was finally able to get the tooth out earlier this week. Since then she has been going around singing "All I want for Christmas"