Saturday, March 31, 2007


Both girls have been part of the Awana program. Sarah started in Kindergarten with Sparks and then moved on to the T and T program. She graduated last year with the Timothy award. The highest award that you can get after 6th grade. Kristen was able to start when she was 3 and in the Cubbies program for two years. She is now in the Sparks program and has one more year. Every year the Sparks and T & T kids participate in something called Sparks A Rama or Awana games depending on the club. Sarah was able to do this for 5 of her 7 years. She had a conflict with two years. Kristen has been able to be part of the SparksARama for two years now. Every year we head to Black Hawk college to watch the kids have a great time competing. This year we were supposed to play Feb. 24th but a severe winter storm came in and cancelled the games. They were able to reschedule the games for today March 31st. Luckily we were still able to participate. This year Sparkie made an appearance and greeted all of the kids. He was there to cheer them on to do their best. I guess that Sparkie did a good job of encouraging the kids to play their best, because for the first time we were able to watch the kids take 1st place in the SparksARama. While winning isn't everything it was nice to be able to see the kids win. However what was even better for the Flathers' family was being able to spend an entire day together. Very seldom are we able to do this.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Sports Medicine Person of the Year

On March 25th 2007, Kurt was honored as the Sports Medicine Person of the Year Award from the Iowa Athletic Directors Association. Thanks to the generosity of a great friend, Kurt and I were able to both attend the ceremony in Des Moines and then spend a nice evening alone. The new athletic director at Clinton High School nominated Kurt for this award last summer. In November Kurt was notified that he had been choosen to receive this award. We were given a nice meal and then attended the awards ceremony. It was a nice time for Kurt as he was able to see several other people that he knows and has worked with over the years.