Saturday, May 31, 2008

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rah, Rah

Sarah came home today all excited. She has been chosen to be a freshman cheerleader for next year. Only 10 girls made the squad and she was one of them. Now my only question is how did I manage to product a cheerleader? Of course she is very excited and can't wait for practice to begin. I am sure that she will spend many hours in the backyard practicing her cheers with mini Sarah out there imitating her big sister. Of course this means that I now get to attend all home football games next year, not just freshman but also sophomore and varsity. She is also in the marching band and helps her dad on the sidelines. You will recognize me by the 3 buttens on my coat of the same girl in 3 different uniforms.

Way to go Sarah

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

As the lights go off.

I just had to show Sarah walking off of the stage and the empty stage. This is the last time we will see Sarah perform on this stage. The next time she takes to the stage for school it will be as a member of the Royal River King Marching Band. Band camp is only two months away.

Spring Concert

Tonight was the last band concert for the year. The six grade band sounded good, but the 7th and 8th grade band sounded great. The 6th grade played 1812 overture. Kristen was really enjoying the music when the canyons (bass drum, we are inside) went off. She nearly hit the ceiling. After teh 6th grade band, then both Jazz Bands played and finally the 7th and 8th grade band played. They played some really nice music and always sound so good. I am sure we didn't sound that good in junior high. I don't think our director pushed us the way Mrs. Fee pushes the band. When she started to talk about wishing the 8th graders luck at the high school, I must admit I got just a little teary eyed. It seems like we have always celebrated and looked forward to the firsts in our children's lives and all to soon, the lasts are starting to come. Yes I still have 4 more years, but I am sure they are going to fly by.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to me

I just had to post these pictures. I was awakened this morning to a little girl making noise in the kitchen. Shortly after this appeared in my room. I received toast and bacon because Kristen is not allowed to turn on the oven by herself and therefore couldn't make "ointmeal"

Saturday, May 10, 2008

5 min. layout.

I have had a few requests to post a picture of the layout that I created in 5 minutes for the Scrapoff contest at Scrapaganza's NSD crop. I must say that I love the paper that we were given to use. The paper made it so easy to be creative. I need to find more of these paper.

Monday, May 5, 2008

National Scrapbook Day

National Scrapbook Day (weekend)
As usual, I choose to spend the weekend with my favorite scrapbook store. They actually got the party rolling on Thursday evening, if you are a NYOBC member. They shut down the store to everyone but club members and had a fun announcement, autograph time, food, free gifts and everything on sale. The big announcement for those of you who are NYOBC members is that the May book was done completely by Scrapaganza instead of having many different contributors. Finally on Friday night the party got rocking. We started at 6:00 in a rented space in one of the many strip malls in Davenport. Friday night there were many fun door prizes, some serious scrapping going on, and of course yummy food to munch on. I worked on finishing up a couple of mini books. All that need to be done was put in the pictures. I finished the Meow book, the princess pirate book, and the pop up album from Rusty Pickle. Of course the Meow book is about my 2 fur children, Kitty and Sox, the princess Pirate book is on Kristen, she is such a little princess and a tomboy all mixed up and the pop up album is for Sarah. I then started working on a swap that I am doing for a Disney group. I was able to finish the swap the next day. How lucky can I be, I won a door prize, a memory makers tag punch kit. It looks like a neat tool, will need to take some time to play with it. I left around 11:00 that night. Normally I would stay until the very end, but with Sarah getting confirmed this weekend, I wanted to get some sleep and a little work done in the morning before I came back.
The next morning, I stopped at the store on my way down to pick up some more things including some adhesive. Boy did I go through a bunch this weekend. Today was favorite things day. When we walked in, we were given a store t-shirt. Several of us switched to that shirt for the day. They had huge muffins and juice waiting for us when we arrived. Yummy. We then received a store tote bag and throughout the day we were given different items that are the favorites of the different employees. Let’s see how many I can remember, cats eye liquid chalk, a blue dauber, rub on tool, black board mini book, an new kind of adhesive, a paper pack, Rusty Pickle layout, paper pack, a 12 x 12 album, a package of white flowers, a distresser, some rub on letters, a too cute purse mini book project, a mini stamp set (hearts) and acrylic block. While there I had a couple of visitors. Friends of ours who had moved to Davenport stopped in with her daughter to see me. That was a nice diversion.
One of the things that this store has started doing during NSD is a scrap off layout contest. They put a die cut sticker underneath 10-15 random chairs. The people who are chosen then have to grab their scissors, trimmer, and adhesive. You then come up to a table where you are given a paper kit, with some coordinating papers, stickers, ribbons, and a couple of other embellishments. You are given 5 minutes to create a layout. Everyone then votes on their favorite layout and the top three layouts win a prize. Last year I was one of the lucky 10 who got to do this and surprise I took 3rd place. Somehow I managed to sit in a chair again this year that had a die cut taped to the bottom. (Next year I am checking out the chairs before I sit down.) There were so many wonderful layouts this year that I have a hard time believing that I took 1st place. I won a Heidi Swapp tool tote bag. These bags are wonder I think that next year I should receive an automatic exemption to the contest.
I was able to finish up the Disney swap items that need to be done by the end of the month, and I completed Girlfriends Tag book. I think that this book will be for Kristen. I finally left around 9;00 that night as once again, I wanted to get home and get some rest before Sarah’s big day.
Too see pictures of this event check out Scrapaganza’s blog.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Confirmed in the Faith

Today was the day that Sarah has been preparing for and studing for, for 2 long years. Today was her confirmation day. She had questioning on Wednesday and did great. She is now a communicate member of the church and will be able to participate in more activities besides just the kids stuff. Yesterday when I was going through some old pictures, I found pictures of her from when she was a baby. That seems like just yesterday that she was learning to walk, what happened to that baby? Seeing her all dressed up and in the white robe; reminded me that she is growing up and becoming a young adult. After the church service we had a nice brunch buffett at Rastrelli's in Clinton. Yummy, very good food. Then we rushed home for an open house in honor of Sarah. I would say that she had a very exciting day. Seeing her in the white robe however reminded me that it won't be long before she puts on a red robe with a hat. Congrats Sarah