Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rah, Rah

Sarah came home today all excited. She has been chosen to be a freshman cheerleader for next year. Only 10 girls made the squad and she was one of them. Now my only question is how did I manage to product a cheerleader? Of course she is very excited and can't wait for practice to begin. I am sure that she will spend many hours in the backyard practicing her cheers with mini Sarah out there imitating her big sister. Of course this means that I now get to attend all home football games next year, not just freshman but also sophomore and varsity. She is also in the marching band and helps her dad on the sidelines. You will recognize me by the 3 buttens on my coat of the same girl in 3 different uniforms.

Way to go Sarah


Jessica said...

Congratulations! That will be a busy schedule! For all of you. How fun!

mamatwoboys said...

Whoo hoo! When I was in HS you had to committ to just one sport/activity. I think my parents and many others really appreciated that. Maybe it is time for you to take that up with the school board. In reality I'm sure you will make it through and maybe by her sophomore year she'll narrow down her extra-curriculars for ya. Good luck!

Lisa said...

Way to go Sarah!!! You are going to a very busy Mama, but as long as she's having fun that's all that matters.

MichelleO said...

how fun... but get your sleep this summer! run run run!