Sunday, April 12, 2009


Easter morning starts really early in our house. First up is Kurt at 2:30 so that he can get ready and go to church. He likes to be in charge of the Easter Breakfast and several other things at his church. Next up was me at 4:30 so that I could get Sarah up. Her ride was coming at 5:30 am so that she could finish helping with Easter breakfast. Finally Kristen was awakened around 5:00 am so that she had time to look for her Easter stuff and get ready before we left around 6:30. After church we went down to my Mom's in Bettendorf. My sister and her family plus my brother were already there. The girls had fun showing off their dresses. Kristen and Grace almost had the same dress. After lunch the little girls enjoyed some special playing time with their cousins. It was so cute to hear Grace yelling at Kristen to come outside because I want to play with you. Finally home and early bed for all of us. Hope your Easter was just as nice.