Saturday, July 28, 2007

Growing Up Pains

Tonight we went to a wedding reception for a young lady that Kurt and I have known since she was 2. Kim used to babysit Sarah all of the time and I think she even watched Kristen a few times for us. We were having a hard time with the fact that this young lady was now old enough to get married, until the dancing started after the meal. Watching the dancing, it became quite clear to us that Sarah is also growing up. She no longer dances like a little kid. One person even commented on how Sexy she is looking when she dances. I am not sure that I am ready for this. When the old favorites were played (chicken dance, YMCA, macarena, Hokey Pokey and a couple of line dances) I noticed that Sarah no longer just does the arm movements to the dances, but her whole body now moves to the music. I will admit that she did do a good job of teaching many of the younger kids how to do the dances. Several of the young children would be around Sarah and you could see them watching her feet and arms and then trying to do the same movements. The only time Sarah left the dance floor was during a slow song or when the dance was just for couples. Kurt has decided that in a year (when she hits high school) she probably won't be helping him clean up after games, but instead will go in and join the dance. Clinton usually has a dance after all of the home games. It is times like this that we are reminded that Sarah is growing up and it won't be much longer before she starts trying to leave the nest. In some ways she is already starting to test her wings. Whatever happened to that cute little baby who wouldn't go to sleep until Daddy came home from a game.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

State Tourney Update

I am sad to report that Clinton lost a heart breaker at the state tournament today. They were up 4-2 at the top of the 7th, but then gave up 2 runs that allowed the other team to tie. They played two extra innings before Cedar Rapids Kennedy scored on a questionable call to win the game. While we are sorry that they lost, we will enjoy having Dad at home with us again sometime tomorrow.

State Tourney

The girls are modeling the state baseball t-shirt. Clinton is playing right now and of course the local radio station that normally broadcasts games either isn't broadcasting, or I am not able to pick it up for some reason. I will let everyone know the score and outcome as soon as I can.
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Monday, July 23, 2007

Club Olympics

Check out the video of Sarah in the Club Olympics. The team had to consist of 3 boys and 3 girls, Girls were not a problem, but the boys for our club are a little short especially at the Intermediate level, the boys ran twice. They had to put one person in the wheelbarrow and then two others had to take that person around the cones and then dump them in the hay. The person dumped in the hay had to find the key that was buried in the hay and then open the gate. When the gate was open they had to run to the other line. There was another person at the end who had to throw 2 water balloons into another teammates head (bowl on head) then the last person had to run to the corn and shell an ear of corn. After the ear of corn was shelled that teammate had to run back to the starting line. What made it more interesting was all of the rain had made the ground rather muddy.
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Best of show

Jessica, here are the pictures of the Disney Tin that was selected Best of Show. If you or anyone else has any questions, please let me know. It was fun to work on something like this instead of always doing layouts for my album. Now, I need to decide where to display the Tin. Almost forgot to add, Thanks Scrapaganza for the idea and wonderful classes.

My Little Farmer

While waiting for the tractor pull at the county fair Kristen and her friend David jumped up on the fence and had a nice conversation. I sometimes wonder if Kristen wouldn't have made a good farmer's daughter. She loves pigs and wants one, plus she looks so natural sitting on the fence.
She did really well this year in the tractor pull. Usually she comes in almost last and only goes about 6-7 feet. This year she went 12 feet and was only about 4 feet behind the winner
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Thursday, July 19, 2007

On to STATE!!!

After having a rain delayed game (by 24 hours) Clinton was able to come back tonight and beat Pleastant Valley (my alma mater) 5-4 to earn the right for a trip to the state Tournament. They play Wednesday the 25th at 2:00 in Des Moines. Kurt is flying high and convinced that it was all of the hanging of high objects at the fair this morning. While we are all wishing Clinton the best of luck at the state tournament, the girls are looking forward to a special girls only night. This will be Kurt's 6th trip to state since 1981. Two state championships and state runner up twice. Many never make it. Way to go Kurt.

County Fair

Today was the first official day of the county fair. The morning started for Sarah and I at 6:30 when we left. Sarah wanted to go to the exhibitor's and family breakfast. Other years they have served pancakes, but this year it was eggs. Oh well we survived with sausage and a delicious Cinnamon roll. After breakfast we headed to the open class building. I am on the committee so had to be there this morning to assist with judging and setting up. Sarah found a friend from her 4-H club so walked around for a while. After this she came over and helped us during judging. She was a wonderful help. We were missing many things and needed copies of some things. The extension office was closed and due to the high humidity the copier at headquarters wasn't working. She made many trips over to school. My classroom is outside of the regular school and happens to be the property right next to the fairgrounds. She went for staples and scissors, copies, dry erase markers, and then to take things back. She even helped clean up the glass in a display case and did a wonderful job. Around 10:00 Kurt and Kristen showed up. Due to Kurt's height he was enlisted by the creative arts committee to hang all items that were high. He did a wonderful job and we have been told that because I have access to the school and supplies, plus a laptop computer and portable printer and of course a tall husband, that I am on the committee until death. The original plan was to be finished and open the building at 4:00, however thanks to Kurt and Sarah's help we were done setting up and everyone had lunch by 1:30. From what I was told, this was one of the earlier times to open the building.
As we went for lunch, one of the fair board members was in the back of the lunch stand and spied Kurt. She begged him to come back and grill. He loves grilling and was more than happy to oblige. He spent the next 1 1/2 hours grilling hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, and chicken breasts. He then had to leave to go home to get ready for a baseball team. Clinton is finishing a game that was started the night before (postponed due to the storms) that would determine who gets to go to the state tournament.
In the mean time the girls and I walked though the commercial arts building and saw at least 3 people that know Kurt from when they were in high school or who teach in the
district. We spent a little bit of time in the 4-H building looking at projects. This year they have the rope so far away from the exhibits that you can't see the kids projects or the names on the projects. We then spent a little bit of time looking at some frogs and turtles where we ran into another former student of Kurts. Most of them are surprised to see Sarah, because the last time they saw us, she was a baby, and Kristen wasn't even thought of yet.
Today's results:
Kristen 5 blue ribbons (junior open class always receives blues ever since a young child around the age of 4 had a meltdown in the open class building because in this childs eyes she did a horrible job, because the ribbons placed on all of the junior exhibits were green participation. The junior class is a non judged class. The goal is to just encourage the kids to exhibit. In the picture Kristen is standing in front of the junior exhibit.
Colleen: 1 red ribbon on a scrapbooked wall hanging. One of the comments was that the finish was sticky. Considering the humidity was around 100% of course the finish was sticky.
3 Blues: Memorial Day jacob's ladder, Because of you I am a Mommy 2 page layout and Dad's scrapbook
1 Best of Show: my Disney Tin.
Even when I was in 4-H I never received a purple ribbon. I told Sarah not to give up hope, because it is never too late. Only took me 42 years to get my purple ribbon.
We left for home around 4:00. It is amazing how tired you can get being at the fair all day instead of home or at work.
Kristens projects include the red scrapbook at the top of the exhibit and the box next to it.
On the self right underneath those projects are a couple of other projects and then her last project is hard to see in the picture. If you get a chance to stop out to see the fairgrounds I am sure that Kristen would be happy to give you the grand tour.
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Monday, July 16, 2007


I just had to post this picture. I am sure that people will get a kick out of seeing it. The other night was senior night for the softball team. Usually the school provides cake for the seniors and their parents. Some of the girls decided that the way to end their athletic careers was to cake ify the athletic trainer. This picture doesn't really do it justice as Kurt had cake all over his face and arms. Needless to say he did take a shower before sitting down for supper that night.
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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Conference Judging

4 weeks of craziness in our house has ended for this year. Sarah has all of her projects completed and judged. She ended up with 5 blue and 5 red ribbons. Even though she had a few red ribbons, I am very proud of her because of the attitude. Instead of being upset and blaming me or someone else because she didn't receive all blues or state fair consideration, she accepted the red and admitted that it was because she didn't do her best. Sometimes, I actually think that she is starting to grow up into a responsible adult. She accepted the criticism and is instead making plans to begin next years projects now and has picked three projects out that she wants to spend time on so that they are done exceptionally well. She still has one more thing to show and that is her cat. This year she will show Sox instead of Kitty.
Even though Kristen receives free admision to the fair, as a clover kids member who will have exhibits at the fair, she still had to pay the 2.00 exhibitor fee and then received the wrist band that she needs to wear for all 4 days of the fair. She also had to sign the code of ethnics for 4-H members. Basically this states that they will not engage in anything illegal for the next year as a 4-H member. The form includes drugs and other harmful substances. When she asked what she was signing, the new director told her that it basically states that she will not do anything to get in trouble. We still have to take Kristen's projects in on Tuesday and Wednesday. As a junior exhibitor for open class and a clover kids member for 4-H her projects are not graded. She will automatically receive a blue ribbon in open class and a participation ribbon for 4-H.

Check back after the 22nd for pictures from the fair.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Football shirts

Once when Kurt and I were out shopping we found a person wearing the shirts that we had on. Of course, she had gotten it from her daughter who is an athletic trainer in Indiana. They had sold these shirts at the college she is at for a fundraiser. She is originally from the East Central school district. When we talked to her she had a few extra's and said that she would be happy to bring us three shirts when she came back again to visit her parents. These shirts are perfect because they are also black with a red heart on them, Clinton's colors. Kurt got a t-shirt for all three of us to wear. Kristen will wear hers to school and then home games during football season. Sarah can wear them to school, (but will need to wear something else to games) and I will change into my shirt if I have time when I get home on Fridays. I still think that I should put the words "my allowance depends on it" on the back of the girls shirts. I am sure that we will be getting several compliments at the games on Friday night.
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4th of July

Every year we head to Bettendorf for their annual 4th of July parade. We like their's much better than the one in Clinton. Reason 1. It is actually held on the 4th. Clinton holds theirs sometime around the 4th, but you can never be sure when. This year it will be July 7th. Another reason we enjoy Bettendorf's is because they don't charge for their celebration. They have several activities going on and it is all free, or at least almost all free. Clinton charges 21 dollars for their celebration and there is hardly anything to do unless you like tractor pulls or the concerts. This year we also went to the parade in Bettendorf. We were however able to enjoy the company of a new veteran with us this year. Yes, the guy in the orange shirt has recently retired from the Air Force after 21 years. It is nice to have him home. The girls are really enjoying having an uncle who "picks" on them around. One of my favorite parts of the parade is to listen to the high school bands. I must admit that Pleasant Valley's band is much better than Bettendorf's band. Of course I am not prejudiced at all. The reason I believe that the PV band is better. 1. The minute they step on to the parade route they are playing. Bettendorf's band was halfway down the street before they played anything. 2. PV's band was wearing matching shirts, Bettendorf's band members were wearing a hodgepodge of clothes. and of course #3. I am an alumni of the PV band. (of course this part had very little to do with my opinion of which band was better)
Another highlight of the parade (at least for Kristen) is the collection of candy. I believe that this year we came home with even more candy than other years. Kristen also received 2 t-shirts (they are adult x-larges, but some day they will fit her at least for a night shirt). This year a couple of groups were handing out other things. One group was giving all of the kids a popsicle and another group was handing out bottle's of water. As warm as it was this morning they were appreciated. After the parade, we had lunch with my mom and brother. We then came home so that the girls could have some fun with their fireworks. Of course they don't get the fireworks that we used to have. This year I was able to find snakes and some confetti party type things that send all kinds of paper and junk all over the yard and of course sparklers. How I miss the snap its, smoke bombs, whizzer's, bottle rockets, and all sorts of other fun items.
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Camp IoDisECa

Sarah has been attending Camp IoDisECa for the past 8 years. Kristen has been with us every year that we have taken Sarah out to camp. She used to cry for the entire 2 hour drive home. We could never figure out why she was crying until she turned 2. That summer on the Monday morning she woke up walked into our bedroom and in her loudest, most demaning, I mean it voice, Said "GO GET MY SISTER NOW!!!!! The next 3 years continued to be hard on her, but last summer her time finally came. To attend this camp you must be going into 1st grade. The Explorer's camp is only for 2 nights, Sunday evening around 5:00 until 11:30 on Tuesday morning. Kristen couldn't wait to go. She was so excited that she also couldn't wait for us to leave. This year was almost as bad, except that she has been complaining and crying for several days that it isn't fair that Sarah gets to stay for an entire week, Sunday until Friday, and she doesn't even get 48 hours. What she doesn't understand is that there are many kids her age that have a hard time leaving home for even that short of a time span. Anyway she had a blast with swimming, canoeing, air gun riflery, archery, horse back riding, campfires and other camp type activities. She had so much fun, that she fell asleep on the way home.
Each year the camp makes a sign out of craft sticks. The paint the theme on the sign and then have all of the campers sign the sign on empty craft sticks. This is a picture of Kristen signing the banner.
I know that many people don't agree, but it is experiences like this that convince me that it is a good idea to allow your children to go off on their own as soon as possible. (of course, I make sure that it is somewhere that is well supervised) I think that it helps them to develop their own identity.
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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Driving Lessons

Kristen decided that she would have some fun this morning before we left for Davenport to run some errands and have quality bonding time. She decided that she would pretend to drive the car. While these pictures are funny, Sarah is getting close to being behind the wheel. When we stopped at Scrapaganza, the driver's license station is just a couple of store fronts down at the stripmall, so we decided to go in and pick up the book for her to study from. I can't believe it but in 4 months and 12 days she will be taking the written test for her learner's permit. This is just another step towards her growing up and leaving home. I am starting to wonder just what happened to that little baby girl that we brought home from the hospital late on a Saturday night. I can still remember her first night at home when she wouldn't go back to sleep and I rocked her and walked the hallway with her for 3 hours. Now she is getting ready to learn to drive. Oh, how time flies.
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