Thursday, July 19, 2007

County Fair

Today was the first official day of the county fair. The morning started for Sarah and I at 6:30 when we left. Sarah wanted to go to the exhibitor's and family breakfast. Other years they have served pancakes, but this year it was eggs. Oh well we survived with sausage and a delicious Cinnamon roll. After breakfast we headed to the open class building. I am on the committee so had to be there this morning to assist with judging and setting up. Sarah found a friend from her 4-H club so walked around for a while. After this she came over and helped us during judging. She was a wonderful help. We were missing many things and needed copies of some things. The extension office was closed and due to the high humidity the copier at headquarters wasn't working. She made many trips over to school. My classroom is outside of the regular school and happens to be the property right next to the fairgrounds. She went for staples and scissors, copies, dry erase markers, and then to take things back. She even helped clean up the glass in a display case and did a wonderful job. Around 10:00 Kurt and Kristen showed up. Due to Kurt's height he was enlisted by the creative arts committee to hang all items that were high. He did a wonderful job and we have been told that because I have access to the school and supplies, plus a laptop computer and portable printer and of course a tall husband, that I am on the committee until death. The original plan was to be finished and open the building at 4:00, however thanks to Kurt and Sarah's help we were done setting up and everyone had lunch by 1:30. From what I was told, this was one of the earlier times to open the building.
As we went for lunch, one of the fair board members was in the back of the lunch stand and spied Kurt. She begged him to come back and grill. He loves grilling and was more than happy to oblige. He spent the next 1 1/2 hours grilling hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, and chicken breasts. He then had to leave to go home to get ready for a baseball team. Clinton is finishing a game that was started the night before (postponed due to the storms) that would determine who gets to go to the state tournament.
In the mean time the girls and I walked though the commercial arts building and saw at least 3 people that know Kurt from when they were in high school or who teach in the
district. We spent a little bit of time in the 4-H building looking at projects. This year they have the rope so far away from the exhibits that you can't see the kids projects or the names on the projects. We then spent a little bit of time looking at some frogs and turtles where we ran into another former student of Kurts. Most of them are surprised to see Sarah, because the last time they saw us, she was a baby, and Kristen wasn't even thought of yet.
Today's results:
Kristen 5 blue ribbons (junior open class always receives blues ever since a young child around the age of 4 had a meltdown in the open class building because in this childs eyes she did a horrible job, because the ribbons placed on all of the junior exhibits were green participation. The junior class is a non judged class. The goal is to just encourage the kids to exhibit. In the picture Kristen is standing in front of the junior exhibit.
Colleen: 1 red ribbon on a scrapbooked wall hanging. One of the comments was that the finish was sticky. Considering the humidity was around 100% of course the finish was sticky.
3 Blues: Memorial Day jacob's ladder, Because of you I am a Mommy 2 page layout and Dad's scrapbook
1 Best of Show: my Disney Tin.
Even when I was in 4-H I never received a purple ribbon. I told Sarah not to give up hope, because it is never too late. Only took me 42 years to get my purple ribbon.
We left for home around 4:00. It is amazing how tired you can get being at the fair all day instead of home or at work.
Kristens projects include the red scrapbook at the top of the exhibit and the box next to it.
On the self right underneath those projects are a couple of other projects and then her last project is hard to see in the picture. If you get a chance to stop out to see the fairgrounds I am sure that Kristen would be happy to give you the grand tour.
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Jessica said...

Congratulations to all of you! Where's the photo of the Disney tin? Let's see what a best of show looks like!