Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Football shirts

Once when Kurt and I were out shopping we found a person wearing the shirts that we had on. Of course, she had gotten it from her daughter who is an athletic trainer in Indiana. They had sold these shirts at the college she is at for a fundraiser. She is originally from the East Central school district. When we talked to her she had a few extra's and said that she would be happy to bring us three shirts when she came back again to visit her parents. These shirts are perfect because they are also black with a red heart on them, Clinton's colors. Kurt got a t-shirt for all three of us to wear. Kristen will wear hers to school and then home games during football season. Sarah can wear them to school, (but will need to wear something else to games) and I will change into my shirt if I have time when I get home on Fridays. I still think that I should put the words "my allowance depends on it" on the back of the girls shirts. I am sure that we will be getting several compliments at the games on Friday night.
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Jessica said...

THOSE Are So Cool! What a way to support your dh! Good job!