Wednesday, July 4, 2007

4th of July

Every year we head to Bettendorf for their annual 4th of July parade. We like their's much better than the one in Clinton. Reason 1. It is actually held on the 4th. Clinton holds theirs sometime around the 4th, but you can never be sure when. This year it will be July 7th. Another reason we enjoy Bettendorf's is because they don't charge for their celebration. They have several activities going on and it is all free, or at least almost all free. Clinton charges 21 dollars for their celebration and there is hardly anything to do unless you like tractor pulls or the concerts. This year we also went to the parade in Bettendorf. We were however able to enjoy the company of a new veteran with us this year. Yes, the guy in the orange shirt has recently retired from the Air Force after 21 years. It is nice to have him home. The girls are really enjoying having an uncle who "picks" on them around. One of my favorite parts of the parade is to listen to the high school bands. I must admit that Pleasant Valley's band is much better than Bettendorf's band. Of course I am not prejudiced at all. The reason I believe that the PV band is better. 1. The minute they step on to the parade route they are playing. Bettendorf's band was halfway down the street before they played anything. 2. PV's band was wearing matching shirts, Bettendorf's band members were wearing a hodgepodge of clothes. and of course #3. I am an alumni of the PV band. (of course this part had very little to do with my opinion of which band was better)
Another highlight of the parade (at least for Kristen) is the collection of candy. I believe that this year we came home with even more candy than other years. Kristen also received 2 t-shirts (they are adult x-larges, but some day they will fit her at least for a night shirt). This year a couple of groups were handing out other things. One group was giving all of the kids a popsicle and another group was handing out bottle's of water. As warm as it was this morning they were appreciated. After the parade, we had lunch with my mom and brother. We then came home so that the girls could have some fun with their fireworks. Of course they don't get the fireworks that we used to have. This year I was able to find snakes and some confetti party type things that send all kinds of paper and junk all over the yard and of course sparklers. How I miss the snap its, smoke bombs, whizzer's, bottle rockets, and all sorts of other fun items.
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