Saturday, July 14, 2007

Conference Judging

4 weeks of craziness in our house has ended for this year. Sarah has all of her projects completed and judged. She ended up with 5 blue and 5 red ribbons. Even though she had a few red ribbons, I am very proud of her because of the attitude. Instead of being upset and blaming me or someone else because she didn't receive all blues or state fair consideration, she accepted the red and admitted that it was because she didn't do her best. Sometimes, I actually think that she is starting to grow up into a responsible adult. She accepted the criticism and is instead making plans to begin next years projects now and has picked three projects out that she wants to spend time on so that they are done exceptionally well. She still has one more thing to show and that is her cat. This year she will show Sox instead of Kitty.
Even though Kristen receives free admision to the fair, as a clover kids member who will have exhibits at the fair, she still had to pay the 2.00 exhibitor fee and then received the wrist band that she needs to wear for all 4 days of the fair. She also had to sign the code of ethnics for 4-H members. Basically this states that they will not engage in anything illegal for the next year as a 4-H member. The form includes drugs and other harmful substances. When she asked what she was signing, the new director told her that it basically states that she will not do anything to get in trouble. We still have to take Kristen's projects in on Tuesday and Wednesday. As a junior exhibitor for open class and a clover kids member for 4-H her projects are not graded. She will automatically receive a blue ribbon in open class and a participation ribbon for 4-H.

Check back after the 22nd for pictures from the fair.

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