Thursday, December 4, 2008

JYC Dec 4th

December 4th Perfect Christmas
What would the Perfect Christmas be? My house be twice the size that we have now. The family room and living room would both have fireplaces with a mantel. There would be two sets of stockings hanging on the mantel (both wouldn’t be filled, just for decoration) Of course both rooms would have a large Christmas tree decorated with all of the beloved ornaments that we have collected over the years. On a side table there would be a nativity set. The house would have 4 bedrooms each also decorated for Christmas with a small tree in each room. There would also be a nativity set on either a dresser or night stand in each room. All bathrooms would have Christmas themed towels and little soaps. Plus on the counters there would be some sort of little decorative display. The kitchen would also be decked out in all of its Christmas finery. The dining room would have a beautiful table cloth on the table, plus a centerpiece made out of Christmas greenery. The chairs would also have Christmas backs and cushions just for the holidays. The table would then be set with a set of Christmas dishes. In the corner of course another tree and a nativity set. The house would also have a playroom for the girls that would be decorated according to their individual tastes. Kurt’s Comic book room would have a three foot tree just for all of his super hero ornaments (maybe even some of his sports ones). Finally, I would decorate my scrapbook/craft room. There would be a tree with mini scrapbooking tools hung on the tree, there would be Christmas music playing in the background for all rooms. Of course I would have made my own Christmas cards and had them done by the 1st of November. I also would have lovingly crafted many different Christmas presents for the family. Finally, the big day would come. We would have scheduled family gatherings for other days so that the 4 of us could stay home for day and enjoy each others company. The girls would get up around 6:30 and we would open presents taking the time to really enjoy the gifts and each other. After presents were open, I would have a brunch prepared. We would clean up the dishes and then take some time to let the girls actually enjoy their presents. Finally I would put the finishing touches on a late Dinner around maybe 3. After eating and cleaning up we would then put in a movie or two and spend the rest of the evening together watching a couple of favorite movies.
It really is fun to dream and who knows maybe someday this will come true.

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Carrie said...

Great journaling! Sounds like a wonderful day!