Sunday, December 21, 2008

JYC Dec 18th

December 18th Food
What would Christmas be without all of the extra food around for the month. Cookies, candy, munchies types of food, sweet breads, turkey dinner with all of the extras, it is a wonder that I don’t gain an extra 50 pounds during the month. I will admit that some of my favorite cookies and candy are ones that I don’t make, but that my mom makes. I love her lemon snowflake cookies and the butter toffee candy that she makes. I also like the traditional turkey dinner. I miss having the turkey done just before we eat it. One tradition that we almost always include is herb bubble up buns. We have been having this for our family meal for since I was in elementary school. My aunt Kathy introduced the bread to the family one Christmas and it has been included in every family meal since then. When the entire family gets together we need between 2-3 batches to feed everyone. I am getting hungry just thinking about the food for the month.

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