Sunday, December 21, 2008

JYC Dec 19th

December 19th Dr. Santa
As a kid we always wrote letters to Santa, but for some reason it hasn’t been as big a deal for my kids. Since today ended up being a snow day we are home for the day so I was able to get the girls to write a letter to Santa. Kristen was thrilled and couldn’t resist, but Sarah was another story. She grumbled about it the entire time insisting that no 15 year old writes letters to Santa anymore. She made her letter short and sweet. It seems that she only wants 3 things. I know that she is getting one of the items and one of the items there is a NO way she will be getting it. We will have to see about the final item. Depends on what we find tomorrow when we go shopping.

Dr. Santa,
I haven’t written to you for many years. It does seem a little awkward to be writing to Santa again, but I will try it. What do I want, not much just a few things. I would really like a clean house and some time to myself so that I can get some scrapbooking done. If you can’t get me that I will accept some books to read, some scrapbooking supplies (new trimmer, page protectors, adhesives etc.)
Thanks Santa,

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