Wednesday, December 10, 2008

JYC Dec 10th

December 10th Brown Paper Packages
While I love the look of a pretty wrapped package that is not one of my skills. Thankfully, my husband loves to wrap the packages and so he spends between 2-3 days in the basement wrapping away. No one is allowed to come down unless Dad has asked for that person to bring him something. I am so glad that Kurt loves to do this since it is not one of my favorite tasks. If left to me, the presents probably wouldn’t get wrapped until late Christmas Eve. Not only does Kurt love to wrap the gifts, he also loves to have fun with his wrappings. He will take a tiny gift and wrap it in a large box; he loves to make it hard for the recipient to find the present.
One other tradition we have with regards to the presents is to wrap each family member’s gifts in a different paper that somehow says them. One year Kristen has had Disney princess paper or Winnie the Pooh paper, Kurt has had Spiderman or batman paper, Sarah has had tweety bird or Star Wars paper and I usually get something along the lines of snowman. Actually this method saves on the number of gift tags that a person needs to use. I think if we were to go back to just using any old paper the girls would complain.

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