Saturday, December 27, 2008

JYC Dec 26th

December 26th Boxing Day
In the United States we don’t celebrate Boxing Day but we do have some of our own traditions. Many people take advantage of the clearance sales that start today and are out shopping picking up the rest of the Christmas items marked down at least 50%. I don’t jump on the shopping bandwagon. I really have no desire to fight with the crowds over some cheap wrapping paper or lights. Instead we are spending the day just enjoying the family. We all slept in late. I even made it to 6:30 am; that is really late for me. We have watched some tv, spent some time cleaning bedrooms so that we can put away the new toys and clothes. (I really need to clean out Kristen’s closet and see what either doesn’t fit or isn’t “qualified” to wear. She is really picky regarding her clothes. To get her to put on a pair of jeans requires force and threats. At the moment we are watching Emergency on TV. Hoping to watch Kristen’s new American Girl movie Kit and my new movie Wall*E yet today. We did get Kristen’s movie watched but didn’t watch Wall*E. Instead we went out with some of my Scrapbooking friends. Kurt hadn’t met most of them, but he still had a great time. We went to La Feria, I had never been there but the food was good and not too expensive. Hope to go back soon.

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