Thursday, December 25, 2008

JYC Dec 24th

December 24th Christmas Eve
4:56 Woke up early so I went out to the computer and turned it on. Watched Santa take off on NordaTrack. After watching Santa take off I went back to bed. Stayed in bed for about an hour and then woke up. Went back to the living room
6:30 While sitting in the dark on the computer Kristen came out. We turned on the Christmas tree and cuddled in the dark with just the tree lights on, watching Santa travel in Russia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands
7:00 Rest of the family join us.
8:00 Everyone is getting cleaned up. Plan is to leave for Grandma Holst’s house around 9:30.
9:15 left for Mom’s for the day. Took us a while to get down to Bettendorf. We took the long route since there was a snow storm. Hoping to avoid the country roads. Kurt and Sarah arrived about 10 minutes after we did. We ate lunch around 11:30 and then cleaned up. After eating we opened gifts. Sarah was thrilled to discover that she had received her own copy of two CD’s that grandma has in her car and Sarah loved. Kristen was thrilled to see a new crayola art kit from Aunt Beth and crew, plus a matching case for her scrapbooking stuff. Both girls also love the silver necklaces they received from Uncle Dan. He has a job that requires him to travel all over the world to the different army bases. He picked up the necklaces for the girls in Iraq. He also gave my sister and I necklaces with the tri gold from Iraq. After playing for a while it was time to leave for church. Kristen not only was an angel in this years program but was also one of the soloist. She did a very nice job. Once we arrived home we discovered that the big jolly elf had arrived. After a short wait Dad and Sarah came home and we opened the gifts from Santa. Kristen was thrilled to receive PixO’s, High Musical Game, and makeup. Sarah was thrilled with DVD’s Mamma Mia and Prince Caspian plus a new stereo. Kurt received a couple of Batman DVD’s, a Brett Favre book, an Iowa Hawkeye Football book and a special comic book. The comic book was fun. Santa didn’t leave it under the tree instead he hid it in the house and then left clues as to the books hiding spot. Kurt had to follow the clues to find his gift. I am not sure who enjoyed it more, Kurt or the girls. I received many nice things. The girls gave me some Christmas embellishments for my Christmas Journal project, and the movie Christmas Shoes. From Kurt I received a new pair of pajamas, the last two Laura Child scrapbooking mysteries that are out, a panther fan lives here sign for outside, some candles and room freshners, holiday grungeboard, a gift certificate for Scrapaganza (for a new paper cutter), Bath and Body soaps and lotions, two hallmark ornaments, and of course some bra’s. At my mom’s house, I received a new toothbrush (we all had new toothbrushes) a hallmark ornament (tradition) mints, pocket kleenex’s and chocolates in my stocking. From Beth and Dave I received a Party lite snowman candle holder, from Dan the bracelet I mentioned earlier and from Mom a snowman light up decoration.

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