Saturday, December 13, 2008

JYC Dec 12th

December 12th Tales of Christmas Past
I thought long and hard about this topic, which is why it is a day late. Had a hard time remembering one specific Christmas, instead I remember bits and pieces of several different Christmases. I remember the Christmas just before I turned 7 when I met my baby sister on Christmas Eve. Or the time when all that baby sister wanted an inch worm so bad. Santa was only able to wrap about of that package. Beth saw it right away and wouldn’t open anything else. Dad had to put it together right away. (How do you reason with a 2 year old). I remember getting my stereo. I think I was about 12. I also received the Carpenters Christmas Album and a 8-trak tape. Does anyone else remember those? I remember the Christmas that we almost didn’t make it to Grandpa and Grandma Steinhagen’s due to a snow storm. Of course there was also the 1st Christmas that Kurt and I spent together. I gave him his NATA certification plaque and he gave me a ring. 6 months later we tied the knot and have been together ever since. There is the 1st Christmas with Sarah and then the 1st Christmas with Kristen. Kristen’s 1st Christmas was also Kitty’s first. I was so afraid that he would climb the tree that I put mothballs down the pole and underneath the skirt. Instead he just slept under the tree for the entire month.

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