Sunday, May 6, 2007

National Scrapbook Day

Just wanted to let everyone know about my scrapbooking weekend. My LSS hosted a Cinco De Mayo two day crop this weekend. It started Friday night at 6 and lasted until midnight. We then met back up at 10:00 on Saturday morning and went until midnight. When we got to the place for the crop, two store fronts down from the store how convenient, there was a huge bag full of all kinds of goodies. Ton’s of papers, stickers, buttons, a Karen Foster stamp pad with six different colors and other fun things. As soon as everyone was there they passed out that night’s kit. We made a two page mother’s day layout using Daisy D’s papers and rub-on embellishments. We were to have brought several different pictures of our children or whatever we wanted to put on the page dealing with mothers. They even mentioned scrapping the big picture. I wouldn’t have know what it meant if it wouldn’t have been for the people on this group talking about it. Thanks.
After we finished our layout we had the rest of the night to work on our own materials. They had brought over all of their tools including the cricut and several cartridges. They had several door prizes during the night. I won a mini album kit that has 12 pages and then came with several different types of embellishments. Of course, I was working on my Disney album. I left at midnight and drove the hour home. Of course I couldn’t get to sleep and then woke up at 5:30. Less than 4 hours of sleep to go on for the next day.
When I got there on Saturday there was another bag full of goodies, more papers, another Karen Foster stamp pad with six more colors on it, and lots of other embellishments. And of course, I won another door prize. This prize had a package of license plate type stickers including one for a favorite uncle. I will have to use that on a page with my brother. It also included the same mini album kit that I got the day before, I might let each girl use on, and finally there was an idea book on paper embossing. I might have to try something like that.After lunch they had everyone check under their seats to see if there is a die cut shape taped to the bottom. Sure enough I was one of the lucky 10 out of 60 people there. We had to grab the nearest sombrero, our cutters, scissors, and adhesives. When we got to the table up front each of us had a pack of papers and there was tons of embellishments on the table, stickers, fibers, ribbons, die cuts, tags, etc. We had 5 minutes to create a 2 page layout. While we were creating they had everyone else doing the Mexican hat dance around the table and counting down, of course we had to wear our hats. After we were done, (we got to keep everything else in the pack that we didn’t use, plus all of the extra embellishments on the table) everyone had to vote for their favorite three designs. The top three winners would receive a prize. I came in third place and won a making memories lunch box filled with all kinds of fun embellishments (fibers, brads, metal tiles, stickers, etc.) They are going to put pictures on their website. I will post a link as soon as the pictures become available. After this we worked until supper, Mexican of course, lots of tacos, burritos, enchiladas and of course chips and salsa.
In the evening after supper we then created a Bo Bunny Bare Naked Binder using the rest of the Daisy D Mother’s day kit. I finally learned about distressing while doing this project, now I will need to invest in some more supplies. I was able to get 40 pages done on my Disney album. I finished Magic Kingdom and Future World at Epcot. I still have much more to do however. I have set a goal of finishing my Disney album and then getting my older daughter Sarah’s album completely caught up by this time next year as she will be getting confirmed in just 52 more weeks and I would love to have her albums available that day during the open house. I also hope that keeping up with her last 4 years will be easy at that point. I didn’t work on the challenge even though I had every intention of doing so. It was just too convenient to have paper and all kinds of other wonderful things available just next door.

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