Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Bathroom Remodel Day 8

We are getting close. Today we were able to see the finished floor and also the paint job is helping to make it look closer to being done. It looks like all that is left is to finish installing the plumbing for the shower and then install the vanity and plumbing for the sink, put in the medicine cabinet and then install the shower curtain rod and the towel bars. I am hoping to find a curtain for the window and a rug for the floor on Saturday. The places I have looked at so far haven't had what I want. I think all of us are ready for this project to be completed. We have all had enough of showering in the basement, brushing teeth in the kitchen, no toilet one night and the messy house. For a while I tried to clean up the floors everynight but gave up. As soon as I would get done mopping the hallway floor, the dust and mortar would come back. I have told Sarah that tomorrow night we are going to clean. I know that she will be happy to be able to hang her clothes up in her closet again.

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