Thursday, May 3, 2007

Bathroom Remodel Day 4

On my way home today, Sarah calls to tell me that the toilet isn't working. She used it and then it wouldn't flush. She says that she checked it and there was no water in the tank. As soon as I go home I check and sure enough the toilet isn't working. I decide to call the contractor. We check the valve and it is on, but nothing coming. He has me check the main switch and sure enough it is turned off. I turn on the main water valve and all of the sudden there is water falling through the floor, almost looked like a shower coming down. I am still on the phone with the contractor when this happens. He informs me that he will have one of the men over right away. It wasn't more than 5 minutes when one of the workmen showed up to fix the water problem. Turned out the wrong valves were turned on and off. A simple switch to a scare. We are excited today to discover that we had electricty in the bathroom again. They have rewired and now we have 3 switches instead of two. The one switch will turn on the lights above the medicine cabinet, the other two switches will turn on the vent and the light in the vent. It looks like they were also able to put up more drywall today and install a new outlet.

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