Friday, May 11, 2007

Bathroom Remodel Day 10

Good News the bathroom is now usable. We are able to start putting things away and using the sink and tub/shower. There is some work to be done. There is a small section on the wall that they had to finish putting drywall up and mud today. They will be back on Monday to finish painting. I am going to run to Davenport tomorrow morning to see if I can't find a curtain, rugs, shower curtain and a few accessories that I like to complete the look. Usually the girls complain when it is time to take their showers at night. Not today however, Kristen couldn't wait to get into the shower and Sarah quickly followed suit. Kurt wants to know why the youngest two are the first ones to use the shower. I told him it was because they needed to go to bed before we lost patience with them.

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