Monday, May 7, 2007

Bathroom Remodel Day 6

Arggggggggggg. Sarah calls me today to let me know that the bathroom is blocked off and she can't get into her room as they have the toilet, their large shop vac, and the bathroom door blocking her room. When I get home I check it out and sure enough there is duck tape on the door with a sign that says please don't walk on the floor. It looks like they installed the cermanic tile today. The problem is that because of the humidity in the air, the mortar never dried and they couldn't put the toilet back. I called the contractor and talked to him. He explained how it wasn't drying but that one of his employee's would be back between 7-8 tonight to check on the floor and put the toilet back it it was dry. The workman called me about 20 minutes later to tell me the same thing. While waiting I called 4 hotel's in the area to see what their rates are and if they have an opening for tonight. Motel 6 is full. I am not sure how you can be full in Clinton when there is absolutely nothing going on in town. The other three hotels did have room. Around 7:00 pm the girls and I ran to HyVee to use their bathroom. I finally sent Kristen to bed at 8:40. At that point there was no sign of the contractor. It is 9:05 and we still haven't seen anyone. We will instead run to HyVee, Walmart, or Kwik Star when someone needs to go. I just hope I don't have to go overnight. I will get up and get dressed and head out early tomorrow morning. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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