Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bathroom Remodel Day 9

I was so excited today, hoping that when I got home, I would see our new bathroom finished. Plus we were all looking forward to taking a shower in the bathroom instead of downstairs in the temporary shower. When I called home to talk to Sarah, my hopes were dashed. Now I am hoping that tomorrow the bathroom will be finished. Using the bathroom to get ready on Sunday will be a wonderful Mother's Day gift. They did get the vanity and sink in today. They also put up white mop boards and white molding. I wasn't expecting the molding on the wall, but it really seemed to finish the paint job. It looks like all that is left is to install the medicine cabinet, register cover, shower curtain rod, and towel rods. In other words it looks like just the finishing touches. The plan is to try to find curtains and rugs on saturday. Check in tomorrow to see if we finally get to use the bathroom or not.

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