Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Strike up the band

The marching band season has ended and it is now time for the concert band season. Tonight was Sarah's last Holiday Concert at Washington. I still can't believe that next year she will be at the high school. It seems like only yesterday she was in 2nd Grade. (whoops, that is Kristen that was in second grade yesterday) Anyway for only having a month to learn the music the band sounded great. I am not sure that we sounded that good when I was in high school. Look at the size of this band. They are huge only about 93 in the band. Because of their size they have a wonderful sound. I also have to say I love my new camera. I was able to zoom in and get close ups of Sarah even though I was towards the back of the balcony.


Candi Ladwig said...

Fun blog! You guys are busy! And who knew Jessica was a cousin!?!? I know you both from the store... had NO idea :) Hope to see you soon. Candi from Scrapaganza!

Colleen said...

Thanks Candi,
Yes it does seem like we are busy. Just wait until your girls are older.