Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas 1

We had Christmas at my Mom's house today. The first picture is Kurt holding my niece Grace. She is 11 months old. The second is a picture of the 4 girls. The two middle girls were acting goofy. Notice how nice the 3 younger girls look all dressed up. Since Sarah has become a teen getting her to dress nicely is becoming a constant struggle. I think I might throw away all of her old clothes. She has such nice clothes but you NEVER see her wear them. The next two pictures are of the two girls Kristen and Sarah opening up a present from Grandma. Three of the girls have pierced ears and I am sure that Grace will not be far behind, so my mom gave all three the same pair of really nice dressy earring. Kristen kept exclaiming that is just the pair of earrings I have been wanting. Silly girl. If she really loves something, she will exclaim that is just what I have been wanting even if she has never seen the item before. The last picture was of Sarah and Kristen getting dressed up to attend the Christmas program at Grace Lutheran Church. Notice we were able to get Sarah into a little bit nicer clothes but they are still over a year old. I can't get Kristen out of a dress and we can't get Sarah into a dress. There really needs to be a happy medium between the two.
We gave Grace a huge stuffed Pooh teddy bear and Kristen was really surprised and shocked. I think she wished that she was getting it. Pooh is Kristen most absolute favorite character in the world. She has loved Pooh since she was 6 weeks old and Grandma gave her a stuffed Pooh for Christmas. When we went to Disney, we couldn't get her away from Pooh and actually have a picture of Kurt trying to pull her away and Kristen hanging on for dear life with Pooh holding her.
All in all it was a nice afternoon, Kristen was thrilled to be getting more grown up toys. She is so happy (most of the time) to be growing up and moving into a new age level.

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Penny Smith said...

Great pictures!
What a beautiful family!