Sunday, December 2, 2007

Baby its cold outside

This afternoon, Lyons had their annual Christmas Walk. The girls dance studio always participate in the walk at the Sterling Federal Bank. This year I took the girls down at 3:30, then ran home and did a few errands. Kurt and I went back down around 5:00. While it was fun to walk around together and spend some time talking without the girls around boy was it cold. I actually not only had my winter coat on, but put the hood back on my coat, had on gloves, earmuffs, and a scarf. By the end of walk, I couldn't feel my legs they were so numb from the cold. This year it didn't seem like there was as many businesses participating. Some just had a still display in the window. I really like the few that had a live show. Besides our group, there was a church putting on a puppet show (lambs were telling about the birth of Jesus), and one of the elementary schools had their second grade class in a window, with the teacher reading them Christmas stories. How fun would that be? One group had a live nativity scene and the seemed very proud of the fact that they had a 3 month old baby for the scene. I am sorry but that turned me off. As cold as it was today, look at what all I was wearing and I don't normally put all of that stuff on, I think the baby should have been home where it was nice and warm. A doll would have done the trick just as well without taking the risk of getting the child sick. All in all it was a fun afternoon, and I enjoyed having my husband with me for a while and not thinking about other things like the football game that is on tv at the moment.

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