Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Snow er I mean Ice Day

Today was a rare day. No one had to go to school do to the ice, even Kurt got to stay home and that is a rarity. The girls and I spent the morning making Christmas Cookies. Yummy, I guess Santa will have plenty of cookies this year at our house (if the Cookie Monster doesn't eat them first) Normally I am lucky to get one batch of cookies done by Christmas so that there are some to put out for Santa. Today we made Andes Mint cookies, Spritz cookies, and Pecan Tassies. Since we are done by lunch now we get to play this afternoon. In October I won a family game basket in a silent auction. I have been saving this for the first snow day, so this afternoon, we are planning on a mean game of UNO and putting together a Star Wars puzzle.

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mamatwoboys said...

What super cute elves you have! Sure wish I had enough energy to make cookies and not eat them all. I made a batch of spritz cookies last week and somehow daddy and boys inhaled them over the weekend. I won't make more till next week. The night before I give them to all my friends at work. Wish I had some elves to help me.