Monday, December 24, 2007

5th program

Sunday evening was Kristen's Christmas Program at church. It was a very nice program and well organized. Kristen was so excited to finally have a speaking part and not to be singing Away in a Manager anymore. As she explained, I really like that song, but I am getting bigger and it is time the younger kids sing it and I move on. Sometimes she is to old for her age. She had the first part in the entire program, but quickly ended up with a second part when the girl behind her didn't show up. It was cute, she had her line memorized, but the next line had a difficult word in it and when she read that word there was a question in her voice like did I say that right? Everyone thought that was very cute. The picture with Kristen and David is the only picture I have from the night. I know that there are many parents who take pictures and some that videotape the program, but I just can't bring myself to take pictures inside the sancutary during a service. Must be my old fashioned religious upbringing.

For those of you so inclined to pray, please pray for little David. He is a sweet little boy who has gone through much. Without going into much detail he lives with his grandparents but has been at a special home for the past year and a half trying to help him learn to cope with his life. One thing that they said about him was that he doesn't know how to be a child. Lets just say that he has seen many things that a young boy shouldn't know about let alone see or experience. Prayers to help this little boy overcome his early childhood and also prayers to help the grandparents know how to help him would all be good.

Kristen has liked David since they met. He had just come home on Saturday from his second stay at the home, so wasn't able to be at any rehearsals. Kristen took him under her wing and sat with him and showed his when to go up and down etc. I thought it was a little bossy, but everyone else told me how cute it was that she helped him. The little boy has problems understanding that anyone wants to be his friend. I am so proud of Kristen and how she really seems to care for him.

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Kim said...

Colleen - thank you for sharing about this special boy, he will be in our prayers