Thursday, January 1, 2009

JYC Jan1st

January 1st Welcome to Something New
Many different ways to take today’s entries. I could write about how we spend New Year’s Day, I could choose to reflect on what will happen this year, (the only thing I am fairly certain of is that we will add a third driver to the family next fall) or I could make a list of resolutions. Think maybe I will do a mixture of all 3.
1. Do a better job of keeping the house straighten up.
2. Work on decluttering the house
3. Eat healthier. Goal is to make sure I eat at least 1 fruit a day and 2 vegetables.
4. Walk at least 5000 steps in a day. I know you are supposed to get in 10,000 a day, but sometimes I only make it to 2500.
5. Complete Project 365
How we spent the day
As usual, we had our tradition football bowl bash. Kurt makes up two pots of chili, one with beans and one without. I then make up several other types of munchie food and we invite several different people over to watch the games. It is nice to have a day where all we do is munch and sit around watching TV, even if it is football. It is nice to spend time with family and friends.
The next year
While I am not sure what all will happen this year a few things are already in the works.
1. Sarah is planning on traveling to Hawaii
2. Sarah will be able to drive
3. Planning on taking Kristen to Adventureland
4. Kristen will finally be able to join 4-H

Here is hoping for a prosperous new year

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Mardi said...

Nice family day! Love those kind of days! We are a game playing family also!