Saturday, January 10, 2009

All about You in 52

Okay, I joined another scapping challenge. This one is to create 52 layouts about yourself in a year. Since I very seldom do anything we me in it, I thought that this would be a good challenge.

I have the journaling done, just need to create the LO. Here is my journaling
1. Who Influenced Your Life the Most?
This is a hard question that will require some thought. One of the people that has influenced my life is my English teacher Mrs. Hultgren. I had her for American lit my junior year and English Lit my senior year of high school. She was a very demanding teacher that expected her students to perform at the top. She would push you until you succeeded. I remember one of her comments to us, was that no student of hers was going to go to college unprepared. Another teacher that played an important role in my life was Ms. Schwartz. She taught Rhetoric. How I hated having to write 20 sentences using linking verbs without repeating one. However, it was because of her that I learned to write an expository paper. Knowing this style of writing greatly helped me in college and later on in life. When I see the writing styles of some many people now, I cringe as there is no structure whatsoever to their papers.
Of course other people have also influenced me, but not necessarily in a positive light. I see in this list many people that have treated others or me wrong. While I won’t mention those people here, I do want to say that they have showed me the way to NOT treat people. Forcing people to do what you want them to is NO way to gain someone’s respect. Making fun of people also is not the way to go.

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Debby said...

Great journaling. That is the hardest part. Please don't look at my writing style to close. LOL I look forward to seeing your layout.