Saturday, September 13, 2008

Too much homework

Sarah has been doing really well in school this year. All of her classes are at an A or higher. She is really concerned about making sure that she gets her homework done. I think our cat "Kitty" also thinks that she is spending way too much time on her homework. She was at the kitchen table working away on her Spanish this afternoon, when he jumped up on the table, walked over to her book and paper and curled up. He then started to meow and beg Sarah to pet him. She gave him a couple of minutes of attention and then put him on the floor. About 3 minutes later, he jumped back up on the table and curled up on top of her Spanish book. He must think that his needs are more important than Sarah learning to speak Espanol.

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Mardi said...

I think he was trying to learn Spanish! After your comment on my blog, I decided to check your older post for a picture of your little one!