Sunday, September 21, 2008

Clinton vs. Bettendorf

All of the freshman cheerleaders are required to sell programs at one varsity football game. Friday night was the night that Sarah was assigned to sell the programs. She wasn't happy because she couldn't help Dad for the first half of the Sophomore game. I know she wasn't thrilled about this, but for the people that like to have a program she provided a valuable service. She was able to rejoin the football team during the 3rd quarter. Shortly after getting on the field she was required to tape someone up since Dad was busy in the locker room with the varsity team. I am sure he feels better knowing that both Sarah and John are on the field when he has to be inside. Even though Clinton lost the game it was fun to see an old friend. The first High school trainer in Iowa used to work for Bettendorf and he was at the game. He was one of the reason I got into athletic training way back when. Clinton ended up losing the game to Bettendorf 35-14.

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