Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Go team Go

I am posting several pictures of Sarah's first game as a cheerleader. The squad did an excellent job and you could see them relaxing as the game went on. After the team scores they do push ups for the number of points that the team has. So in order, they did 8 then 16, then 24 and finally 32 push ups for a total of 80 push ups tonight. I think their arms will be a little sore tomorrow. I am also posting one picture of Kristen. Please pray for me as I am going to be in serious trouble with this child. The picture doesn't show things right, but she was surrounded by about 8 little boys at one point. If she is already into boys at the old age of 8 what is going to happen when she is in high school?


Sue said...

Geez! 80 push-ups?! I never could have been a cheerleader.

Lisa said...

Great pics! I can't wait to see the layouts, you should do Sarah a cheerleading mini album.

Penny Smith said...

Very cool! I bet we have the right color of ribbon at the store for her hair! LOL! :)

Your in trouble with both your girls... sorry lady! :)

Oh-and about the garage. We would have loved a 3 car garage for more space and a stall for the kids stuff and the mower-but it saved a lot of money not to have it. :(