Friday, July 18, 2008

Wow, what a day for the Flathers family

We reported to the fair about 8:45. The first couple of hours were very relaxing. I had to open the creative arts building and supervise from 9 until 12:30. While there saw a really cool demonstration on recycled stitches. They were cutting up paper bags to make plarn and then knitting or crocheting into all kinds of things including rugs, purses, and bibs. May have to try making a few bib for the new babies in the family. I wonder if I can find pink and blue plastic bags. At this point the day became very busy. Sarah had a meeting at 12:30 for state fair, we needed to fill out the entry forms for her projects. Then Share the Fun was at 2:00. Sarah's club entered a really cute skit about the fair and the Olympics. Guess what they were chosen for the state fair. Looks like I now know what day we will be going to the fair. At 3:00 the kiddie tractor pull was held. Kristen always enters this. Guess what she was the top girl in the 8 year old category and has earned the right to represent the County Fair at the state meet in Sept. As soon as the pedal pull was finished we ran to grab a quick bite of supper so that Kristen wouldn't start complaining that she was hungry. Next up on the agenda was the clothing selection and fashion revue. Sarah received Honorable mention for her clothing selection and Best casual for her fashion revue. Since she took the top award in her division for the fashion revue, she is eligible to represent the county at the state intermediate workshops. All I can is wow, what a busy but rewarding day for the girls and I am glad that it is over.

P.S. Even Kurt's nephew Zach had a good showing at the fair. He took reserve champion derby Lamb. Plus he received outstanding junior for his woodworking project. What a great fair for the family this year.

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