Monday, July 28, 2008

Our very routine, boring life

In case you are wondering why I haven't posted in over a week, well life has been a tad bit boring this past week.
The most exciting thing is that we are without one child this week. She left home July 18th and should be back late tonight. My Mom took Sarah to Colorado for a week. I am sure that she has had more fun this week than the rest of us. Lets see, what did we do this week. On Monday, I tried to help Kristen clean her room. Talk about a major challenge, she refuses to pick things up and when forced to do so, just throws things into any box she can. I spent the day putting together her many puzzles, to see what pieces we had and which ones were missing. Of course the fun part was finding the many pieces. We are still missing around 30 pieces that I am sure are somewhere in her room. Since she doesn't do her puzzles much and has really outgrown the ones she has, I will be donating the complete puzzles to a friend of mine who runs a daycare. When I called to see if she wanted them, her voice sounded thrilled to get the puzzles. Monday evening I had a voter's meeting at church. That was my excitement for the week. I never really expected the meeting to last as long as it did, or for some things to be so controversial.
On Tuesday, Kristen went to day camp at Grace. Tuesday's camp was Macrame day. I had planned to go to school and work a little on getting my room back to normal. No such luck, when I dropped Kristen off, they asked if I could stay and help. Seemed they were short a couple of adults for the kids help. Kristen had a fun day and made a worm bookmark. I did manage to get to school for about an hour in the afternoon and got started on things, but didn't get very far. My new room isn't ready yet, so I need to start back in the old room. Not a problem, except everything is packed in boxes and I don't want to have to unpack everything and then re pack it, so the plan is to just go through the boxes and find what I need for the first month or so.
Wednesday, I spent even more time trying to clean Kristen's room and also pick up the rest of the house a little. We finally succeeded in cleaning her room around 11:00 am on Friday.
Thursday I took Kristen to woodworking day camp. Her she made a really cute lap desk and then each child was allowed to make something else. She created a shelf/bench for her room. Just what I need more things in her room. While she was at camp I went to Davenport and took my scrap booking class for the month. I then ran a couple of errands and ended up at Menard's. I bought some landscaping bricks for the clover kids club. I have found someone who is going to come to a meeting and show the kids how to make a ladybug and a turtle out of the bricks. Plan to do this in November, but needed to buy the bricks this summer yet. When we got home, I took out my contacts as the one was bothering me, only to discover that it had ripped. This was my last pair. I called the eye doctor's office to see if they had any more in stock and was told that they needed to order more. So now I am wearing my glasses until contacts come in. Just for the record, I hate my glasses. I need bifocals now and my glasses aren't bifocal. So to see far away I put my glasses on and to see things up close or read I have to take my glasses off. I am really hoping to have the contacts before the state fair, as I don't want to walk around in the heat with glasses that I have to keep taking on and off. That night we went to Red Lobster for supper. I do a couple of online things where I earn points. I was able to trade in the points for a gift certificate to Red Lobster. The food was good, but I am not sure that I want to go back anytime soon. It was nice to spend some time together with just Kurt, Kristen and I. We don't get time like that too much during the school year.
Friday was spent cleaning the house and organizing my scrap book stuff. I went to the crop at The Church of the Open Door Friday night. I managed to get almost done with 6th grade for Sarah. Not bad considering she is heading in to her freshman year of high school. My goal is to get caught up with her so that I can stay on top of things for the next 4 years.
Saturday and Sunday we didn't have anywhere to go or anything that had to be done so everyone just spent time at home doing little things. I managed to finish the last two layouts for 6th grade and sort the 7th grade pictures.
Well there you have it, my really boring week in review.


Brandie said...

I didn't know you was into genealogy! That is cool to know someone else who is into it. You should stop by we have a genealogy challenge! I've been doing it since about May.

Lisa said...

I'm sure Sarah has had a great time and Kristen probably enjoyed having you to herself!

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

Hope you're not so bored you need school to start early or something ;-)

Cute pics of the girls! And Spectacular Fair Showings!

Missy said...

I have a blog award for you. Stop by my blog and pick it up!!