Saturday, July 5, 2008

A good ending to a good day

Since I refuse to fork out 63 dollars for the "privalage" of going downtown and viewing the fireworks,and they are never actually on the 4th, plus they don't usually start until 10:30 or so, I try to buy the kids plenty of smoke bombs, snakes, and sparklers for their enjoyment. All the while, I am missing the fun we used to have with bottle rockets, spinners, firecrackers, and a host of other things now considered dangerous. This is always the highlight of the day for Kristen. For some reason she loes to play with fire. Maybe because I won't let her even look at a match or lighter most of the time. Kristen kept begging to go out for the sparklers and finally at 9:00 it was dark enough for the sparklers to work. (I remember being anxious as a kid for darkness also). What a way to end a very busy and relaxing day.


Penny Smith said...

OK, that smoke picture cracks me up!

WHY would you have to pay for fireworks?? I hear Grand Mound was awesome-their anniversary I think? We stayed in the front yard-though we did go to Davenport too. :)

Lisa said...

I've missed my blog hopping lately, being at the lake with no internet. Your holiday pics are awesome, it looks like ya'll had a great 4th.