Sunday, July 20, 2008

We return you to your regularly scheduled life

The fair has officially ended for the Flathers household this year. Now it is time to get back to the real world. Dirty dishes, fixing meals, fighting with kids to pick up their room, feeding the cats, piano practice, reading for the library program, and of course it is almost time to consider going back to school. Before we head back to school, we get to spend one more day at the fair thanks to Sarah but this won't be until August 8th when her club performs at the 4-H building at the state fair in Des Moines.
I wanted to include a couple of last minute photo's from the fair. Two are of Kristen and her cousin Austin goofing around. One picture is of a CASEIH tractor that I just had to take in memory of my dad and the final picture is what happens to little girls who have had too much fair.
I still have to figure out how I did ribbon wise. I never took the time while at the fair to see how many I had so I guess there will still be one more post about the fair.


Lisa said...

I looks like ya'll had a great fair! The girls did great, Congrats!!

Lisa said...

Take a pic of Sarah with the copy of the check...I wish I had done that with my daughter and make sure to scrap the amount of the check, she will laugh about it later when she is making the big!