Saturday, July 12, 2008

Red, Blue, and Yellow

Sarah has spent the last several weeks working on her 4-H projects for the fair. Everything boiled down to today. It was conference judging day. Sarah had a good showing today. She had 3 projects get a red ribbon. Her sewing project received a red, I expected that one. She also received a red on her blanket and her journals. The journals were really neat, but she didn't follow the directions for the write up and had to be taken down a notch. She received a blue on her basket, clothing selection, and photography. State Fair consideration was awarded for her Food and Nutrition Project and also her Leadership project. These are the two pictured above. So even though conference judging is over, we still have a wait and see for these two projects. We will find out the results on Thursday. Sarah is also entered into 3 competitions on Friday. Her club will be doing a Share the Fun and Sarah will be in the Fashion Revue and Clothing Selection.
Kristen will enter her projects on Tuesday and Wednesday. Due to her age, there is no judging involved. All Clover Kids projects receive a participation ribbon, and all open class projects will receive a blue ribbon. I will also enter several projects on Wednesday in the open class and will know the results on Thursday when mine are judged.

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mamatwoboys said...

Congrats! Is that a Cricut at work on the Chocolate Chip Project? Great use and very clear display. Not too busy! Guess I won't get to look for these at the State Fair this year. No butter cow for me. Good luck!