Sunday, April 15, 2007


Both Sarah and Kristen have been involved with Awana. Sarah started in Kindergarten and and graduated last year from T & T. Kristen was able to start in preschool and was able to be involved in Cubbies and now Sparks. As a 1st grader, this is Kristen's second year in Sparks. Memorizing came very easy for Sarah, but Kristen has to work hard at it. When Sarah was in first grade she was able to complete the Hiker book, Hiker review book, and two extra memory books. Kristen worked hard and was able to complete the Hiker book, Hiker review book and one extra memory book. They had their awards ceremony today and Kristen received her second book award (a red ribbon). She knew that she would be getting a small trophy for finishing the extra memory book. What she didn't know was that Sue, the director, decided to surprise her with a Sparky Doll. Kristen has been jealous of Sarah having a Sparky doll and was so surprised when she was given the doll at today's awards. When handing out the awards Sue even mentioned that now Kristen was just like Sarah. Kristen was thrilled to be compared to her beloved older sister, and Sarah was embarrassed to be mentioned at the ceremony. It has been a long time since she was a Spark.

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