Sunday, April 8, 2007


This year we celebrated with part of Kurt's family. We got together with his Dad, older brother, younger sister, her husband and their two boys plus Carl's son from an earlier marriage. Instead of anyone cooking a big meal and having to clean house and do the dishes, we decided to go to the Frontier for their brunch. It was very tasty and so easy. The girls had fun talking to their cousins and Kristen and Austin enjoyed visiting with the Easter bunny who came to help the kids celebrate while eating their meal. After the meal we went to Ardith and Carl's home. It was a very nice relaxing visit. The kids were able to play, Sarah played the Easter Bunny and hid eggs for the younger three to find, Kurt enjoyed talking with his brother-in-law and Ardith and I were able to catch up for a few minutes.

Of course, Easter would not be complete without new clothes. We were able to find a dress for Sarah that she actually liked. (No small feat for a teenager) I am still able to sew Kristen's dress and am not looking forward to the day that I have to give that up. This year Kurt found a new sport coat on sale, we then went searching for a short sleeved dress shirt. (that also is a hard task, I am not sure how many stores we visited trying to find short sleeves.) He did look very handsome in his new grubs, even if I do say so myself. Also pictured in the photo's are Kurt's two youngest nephews Zachary and Austin.

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