Monday, April 30, 2007

Bathroom Day One

When we first bought our house, the bathroom looked like it had just been redone. We thought we were getting a good deal. We quickly discovered that we were always getting mold on the ceilings and walls around the tub. Also discovered ugly orange tile underneath the blue carpet. Decided to let the carpet stay until we fixed the bathroom. After several months of waiting and planning the day has finally come. We first started talking to contractors in January. All of the new fixtures were purchased but then we had to wait on a couple of items that ended up being backordered. I never thought the day would come when they could start. Today when I came home from school (early due to a gas leak) I discovered the trailer for garbage in the driveway, the garage door and front door open and two strange men in the house. They managed to tear out almost everything today. The tub is still in the bathroom, and I think that some of the dry wall around the tub and ceiling still needs to come down. We have a temp. shower in the basement that Kristen couldn't wait to use. They are also to leave the toilet up, (or put it back in place every evening before they leave) for the comfort of the family. While right now we are put out, showering in basement, brushing teeth, shaving, etc. in kitchen and walking on a dirty gross floor to get to the toilet, I know that it will all be worth it. To follow the progress check out the family album, the link is in the upper left corner.

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