Saturday, April 28, 2007

Build A Bear

Ever since Build a Bear opened at Northpark, Kristen has been dying to visit this store. We told her that she had to save her money and when she had enough we would take her. Friends of ours have a little girl that has been many times. When she heard that Kristen was saving to go to Build a Bear, she decided that she needed to go with Kristen to help her create an animal. (And also to make another one herself) After months of saving (or it seemed like forever to Kristen) the day finally came when she had enough money and was able to go. We made plans to meet our friends at the store. Before we could leave we had to wait for Sarah to get home from babysitting. Sarah was almost an hour later than we expected her to be. This actually worked out to our benefit as by the time we made it to the store the line had disappeared and the store was almost empty. Kristen had so much fun making her new best friend. Addie and her mom surprised Kristen with a gift certificate and a $10.00 stuff for stuff certificate. Kristen was thrilled. This gift meant that she could afford to purchase a second outfit and still have a couple of dollars left over. What a nice gift. The girls had a blast and now can't wait to get together so that the bear and dog can play together.

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