Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ebony and Ivory

Ebony and Ivory live together in perfect harmony. Or so says a song that I remember from my childhood. While somedays I wouldn't always agree, today they made beautiful music together especially with the help of a certain 8 year old girl that I know. Kristen has been taking piano lessons for almost a year now. After 2 earlier starts that ended up being stopped for many different reasons. Today was her first piano recital and she did a great job even if she did trip and fall on the way to the piano. She played two pieces. One was a duet with her piano teacher's daughter. I will have to admit that part of me missed hearing Sarah play also. I have long had a dream that the two girls would play a duet together. Hoping that maybe that will take place next year. Anyway this was Kristen's day to shine, without being in the shadow of her older sister. Kristen takes piano from a different teacher than what Sarah did, so no one can compare the two. She looked so grown up as she introduced herself and the names of her pieces. Currently she aspires to become one of the pianist for the church during the summer service at camp. I am sure that she will be playing at church before we know it.

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Lisa said...

She does look very serious about her recital and grown up. I hate that she sell she must have been embarrassed, but its great that didn't let that get her down.