Friday, April 18, 2008

6 Random thoughts about Me

On some of my favorite LSS blogs they are writing about 6 random things about themselves and then tagging people. This sounds like fun, so I thought I would give it a try and then tag some people. So here goes
1. Even though I have only been to Disney once; I have become a Disney addict. Love that company, everytime I go to the mall, I have to check out the Disney Store looking for great deals. I have already started dreaming of the day I get to go back.
2. Right now I am really into reading books about the Amish. Beverly Lewis has some really great books along with Wanda E Brunstetter and Cindy Woodsmall. Another favorite author is Janette Oake.
3. We have been having a girls weekend. Dad is gone for a conference from Thursday until Sunday. We have watched girl movies, eaten some of our favorite foods that Dad doesn't like, went to a scrapbooking class, and did some shopping. Of course we have managed to clean a little also.
4. I have secret aspirations of running away to Disney World when I retire. I wonder if they will hire a former at-risk teacher?
5. I have two cats, but would love to have a black lab. However they are a rather large dog and we live in town with a tiny yard. That wouldn't be fair to the dog. So I will be happy with my two cats. Cuddly Kitty and Crazy Sox.
6. I wish I had learned to play the piano better. I was only allowed a year and a half of lessons. My piano teacher had cancer and wasn't able to teach anymore. Then it was time for me to join band and I was given a choice of band or piano. Maybe when I get some free time, I will try to teach myself.
I am tagging Jessica, Susan, and Lisa.

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Lisa said...

Thanks for the tag, I like to be tagged!