Monday, March 24, 2008

So Mom, are you the Easter Bunny?

On the way home tonight, totally out of the blue Kristen springs the announcement/question. Mom are you the Easter bunny? I think you are and then she recited several different reasons why I must be the Easter Bunny/Toothfairy/Santa Claus all rolled into one. Of course as she was reciting her reasons for believing that I was all of these wonderful mythological figures rolled into one, it came to light that she had been doing some snooping before Christmas and found some of her presents. In some ways this will make things a little bit easier, but yet some of the childhood fun has gone away. I do need to talk with her now about how much fun she had believing and that she wants to allow her baby cousins and younger friends the joy of believing.

I guess it is official, my baby girl is growing up, no longer a little girl, but becoming a tween all the way through.

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Lisa said...

I hate when that happens! My Kristin is 19 now, but she still expects an Easter basket and gifts from Santa.