Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Shopping today

Since it is almost Easter it was necessary to take the family shopping. Kurt and Sarah had gift certificates from Kohls left over from Christmas. Kurt was looking for a new pair of pants and a nice dress shirt (pink) Sarah was looking for a dress (not by choice, but because I told her she had to get two new dresses this spring.) Kohl's had tons of junior clothes on clearance. We were lucky enough to find a nice black/gray/and white dress for only 7.60. Sarah actually claims to like the dress. She also found a pink, white, and black skirt with a pink top that she likes. This outfit was a 60 dollar outfit on sale for only 32.00. I love it when I can get a good deal on clothes. Her gift certificate then picked up some of the cost. She will wear the pink skirt and top for Easter and the Black and white dress for Confirmation. What luck to find dressy clothes that dad and I like plus that Sarah likes and says she will wear. Time will tell. Kurt was able to find a new pair of dress slacks but not the top he was looking for. All that is available right now is long sleeve and he doesn't like long sleeve shirts. We will continue to look for a new shirt for him. Next we had promised Kristen a pair of sneakers. Her's had gotten so horrible, the velcro was actually worn off of the straps. I buy her shoes at Payless Shoes. I can't see spending a ton of money for shoes that she will either ruin or outgrow in a couple of months. I found a pair of shoes for only 16.00, at first glance she didn't like them, until she saw the brand name "Hannah Montana" then she was in love and had to have them. Thankfully they were the cheapest pair in her size. I then went to Fashion Bug where they were having a buy one get one for a 1.00. I love that sale, especially when everything that I buy is on clearance except for one item. I ended up with 2 tops, 1 dressy blouse, 1 skirt, 1 pair of cords, and 1 pair of linen type lightweight pants for spring and summer. Total for all 6 pieces was only 60.00, yeah 10 dollars a piece. Now that is a good deal in my opinion. So now we all have something nice and new to wear for Easter services this Sunday. I will post pictures of everyone in their new outfits in a few days.


mamatwoboys said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful Spring Break week. We have today and Monday off then back to the grind on Tuesday. I am headed to the big city for haircyt and shopping today while hubby and boys tidy the house for a showing. That worked out great huh! I am absolutely going to Kohl's to look for some bargains. Thanks for the inspiration.

Arlene said...

You scored in the clothing department! I can't believe Easter is so close; I'm not even ready!