Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snow Day Part 4

Okay this is the earliest I have gotten the phone call. 3:50 pm for the next day. We have already been cancelled for tomorrow. May 30th will now be my last day. Anymore snow days and we will go into June. We were supposed to be done before Memorial Day. That is now just a dream.
By the way the pictures above were taken at 3:30 pm. We have gotten over 7 inches in 6 1/2 hours. Not good.

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mamatwoboys said...

I have to laugh at the transition from the 12 inch ruler to the yardstick! We went back today, late though, and should be good to go for tomorrow. With the snow day yesterday we now have to come back the Tuesday after Memorial Day. UGH! Not sure how much more of this I can handle. My paycheck this week is going to be VERY small. Three days and not even whole ones at that. The kids are squirly too with all that time at home in front of the TV. Hang in, spring will come... eventually!