Friday, February 29, 2008

Another day off

Okay, I am home again, but this time it isn't because of a snow day. Kristen came home from school last night not feeling well. My kids don't get sick to often, but when they do watch out. We went to the dr. this morning and found out that not only does she have the flu that is going around, but also and ear, nose, and throat infection, and bronchitis. Since she is all grown up at the age of 8 she thought for sure she would be given pills to take, but no, she still gets to have the liquid medicine with a syringe. At least she takes it better than she used to. When she was little it took Kurt, Sarah, and myself to get medicine into her. You know Kristen is not feeling well when all she wants to do is lay around and when the fashion plate doesn't want to get dressed in the morning. She was actually quite happy to go to the Doctors in her P.J.s Must be sick. While there I also had the dr. check out my toe again. Thankfully the infection hasn't spread to the bone, like he thought. I am also on a powerful antibiotic and have to go back again in about 2 1/2 weeks.

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RobinDiane said...

Oh...poor gal. I hope Kristen feels better soon.